Samsung Pixon Pink Makeover – Samsung’s Female Friendly Top End Phone

Samsung has unveiled the new pixon mobile phone which is featured with valuable functions including phenomenal build quality blending plastic and metal, excellent videos and music displays, innovative technology of touch screen and simply mighty 8 mega pixel camera. The Samsung pixon is absolutely hi tech media mobile that can be viewed as the best external limb to date.

Samsung M8800 Pixon has been crowned with the title of world’s slimmest touch screen 8 mega pixel camera phones. This handset boasts of 13.8mm design and resembles to a camera and has even developed with features such as auto-focus, face detection, geo-tagging, fast shutter, and X16 digital zoom.

And now the manufacturer has released a new colour variant to appeal to a more female audience in the Samsung Pixon Pink aka the M8800, this new addition to the Pixon range offers the same great features, deisgn and technology as the others in the range but swaps the colouring of the external casing to a new sassy pink finish!

Some of the top rated features are highlighted as follows.

Touch screen

The Pink Samsung Pixon is far better than a simple digital camera as it comes with the 3.2 inch full-touch screen as well as has the integral function of photo browser that allows viewing and photo sharing in a big way. This phone is simply an extension of technology and resembles to a digital camera whereas functions as a phone as well.

Digital Camera

As far as image quality is concerned, every other phone will take a beating from Samsung M880 Pixon Pink. This phone has the caliber of capturing world class photo shoots without any inconvenience. The big benefit does not lie just in the capturing mode but also in the quality of photographs. It is equipped with better image capturing capacity, ASR, WDR, face and smile detection technology.

The lens has the circular section on rear panel and comes with the amenity of auto panorama, blink detection and shake reduction technology. All this helps in getting high defined and accurate pictures that are filled with the facet of sharpness. The best part about the camera is that the photos do not get affected with the in built software enhancements. And even the wide screen helps in capturing stupendous photo shots.


Samsung Pixon features the sleek sophistication in a high end way. This phone has simple taps as well as intuitive gestures including swipes, flicks and drags of the finger that provides highly convenient control over the mobile features. On the other side, you can have easy accessibility to the photo browser and camera.

Easy to Share and Browse

This phone has the ability to sort the photographs in numerous ways through different modes of face tagging, color, folders, recognition, time duration, and file name. This phone provides ample fun factor when you have to capture your most cherished moments and then you can easily share them with your peers. You simply have to tilt your phone a bit and cue the pictures for perfect viewing experience.

This phone is excellent in playing the on board player having files including XviD, DivX, MP4 and H.264. Moreover, TV-out, plug adapter of 3.5mm and virtual sound elements make this phone a style statement and a trend setter in the coming time ahead. So, buy this new pink Samsung phone and enjoy the fruits of technology to a great extent.

Source by Susan Hargreaves

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