There is no doubt that real estate marketing has been affected by the Web, and that an effective marketing tool is the virtual tour. No longer are real estate agents and home buyers dependent solely on newspaper ads and the physical open house.

And just as the real estate market has evolved, so has the virtual tour.

In the early days of the Internet a virtual tour of real estate consisted of a couple of photos and a description of the property.

As technology improved real estate listings began taking advantage of panoramic photos “stitched” together by software to give the illusion of a virtual tour. This has worked well for a number of years and many agents with an online presence are now offering their clients this service.

The typical real estate video for can be shot in about 15 minutes and, depending on the extras, be edited and placed on a Web page ready for a virtual tour in as little as 30 minutes.

The serious real estate agent is aware of the effectiveness of modern technology in the performance of the best possible job for their clients. They are aware that when people utilize a real estate Web site, more than 70 percent of them will drive by or view a home and more than 50 percent of them will tour the house.

The very serious agent will take advantage of video real estate virtual tour to bring the home to the buyer.

There are so many websites Available on Internet to help this be done.

Source by Amish Vyas

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