Portrait Trick: Shorten Tall Subjects by Spreading Their Feet

Headshot photographer Peter Hurley has previously shared popular portrait tips for achieving slimmer figures, sharper jawlines, and photogenic eyes. His latest quick tip is all about adjusting height in portraits.

In the 5-minute video above, Hurley discusses situations in which you’re photographing a tall subject standing next to a shorter one. Instead of having the taller subject bend down, which gives their torso an unattractive angle, Hurley suggests having them spread their feet apart out of the frame.

This allows the subjects to keep their torso vertical from the waist up while keeping their chin out.


“It’s a lot more comfortable and better on the body to spread em,” Hurley says.

You can find more of Hurley’s work and tips on his website and on Headshot Crew.

(via Peter Hurley via Fstoppers)

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