Not a ‘Sell Out’: Casey Neistat Explains Why He Sold Beme to CNN

The news that Casey Neistat and his team at Beme was going to be joining CNN to do … something? … and that this acquisition cost CNN a reported $25 million has been met with mixed reactions. Here to set the record straight on a few FAQs about the deal is Neistat himself.

Neistat took to YouTube today to comment on all of the news surrounding Beme’s acquisition by CNN. These kinds of conversations—discussing the what, why, and how much around a major deal like this—are often 90 percent or more speculation. Neistat wants to help clear some of that up, in 5 parts.

The parts are: The Vlog?, Fear, The Future, Money, and Thank You.

In the first part, he goes back over why he ended his vlog. In the second, he covers the fear he felt creating Beme, a company he can now say succeeded thanks to the acquisition. In the third, he re-states what we already know: neither he, nor CNN, nor anybody else has any idea what exactly Casey and the Beme team will be making at CNN yet. In the fourth, he reassures people that this doesn’t mean he’s now filthy rich. And, finally, in the fifth and final section, he thanks his viewers, without whom none of this would be possible.

You can watch all five parts and hear the story from the man himself up top. For our part, we wish Casey luck.

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