Mobile Development Certification – Learning Advanced Skills For A Growing Market

It is no secret to anyone even marginally associated with up and coming tech trends that demand for interesting and functional mobile applications is higher than ever before, with incredible potential for growth. Studies indicate that the mobile application segment of the commercial and business computing industry is already tremendously important and will likely grow by more than fifty percent in 2012. Considering current and future demand for mobile apps and mobile developers, there are relatively few opportunities available to learn the advanced skills which will be required of the next wave of programmers and designers employed by development firms both large and small.

There are some certification programs being offered by some corporations and in some universities. Cutting edge programs include curricula designed to expand your skills and give you the tools necessary to develop powerful applications for leading mobile devices. To stay competitive you should also aim to learn techniques and creative approaches to conquer limitations common to mobile development. Opportunities to overcome mobile issues such as restricted processing power, shifting network availability, and shortened battery power will present themselves early and often for anyone developing applications for mobile devices.

Understanding application architecture and programming languages by which applications are written is not the only concern for those planning to become certified in mobile app development. Equally important is improving your understanding of marketplaces and the relationships between mobile apps and growing cloud computing technologies and social networking platforms. Business applications for mobile devices which take advantage of the cloud also carry huge potential for streamlining business practices and creating profit for companies. Understanding business computing relationships in order to take advantage of all this potential will make developers more highly desired and more likely to demand higher compensation.

While no specific training is currently required for those interested in becoming more involved in mobile application development, programs which you are probably already very familiar with offer the best foundation for branching out from traditional development frameworks. Individuals who have gone through the well-known and respected Microsoft Certified Professional Developers program will have a leg up on others by displaying thorough understanding of application development using Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft.Net, both a natural gateway to working with Windows Phone. Learning to use additional technologies through other established training programs and certifications you will deepen your skills and increase your employability by diversifying the types of devices you are capable of designing for. Obtaining mainstream certifications and educating oneself in emerging technologies is a good recipe for becoming and staying qualified in the fast growing field of mobile application development.

Source by Chandra Heitzman