Lightroom Tip: How to Match Different Photo Exposures in One Click

If you captured a range of exposures for a certain scene, you don’t have to painstakingly adjust each one once you’ve got them in Lightroom. This really useful tip from the folks at Adobe shows you how to do it in a single click.

When you’re out in a challenging lighting environment, it’s tempting to capture a range of different exposures per shot—either because you want to blend exposures or simply because you’re not sure which part of the scene you want to highlight. Once you’re back in Lightroom and you’ve decided on the exposure you like best, don’t go through each photo individually, tweaking exposure until you think you’ve matched it.

Use this quick Lightroom tip instead:


Select all of your photos, make sure your active photo is the exposure you want, and then go to Setting > Match Total Exposures (or type Alt+Shift+Command+M). This will intelligently and automatically alter the exposures on all of the photos so they match the active photo.

There you go: a single click to adjust as many photos as you need. For more 60-second Lightroom Coffee Break tips, head over to the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom channel on YouTube.

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