Holiday Photography Tip: Make a DIY Star Filter from an Old CD Case

CDs… remember CDs? Me neither. But they were apparently a thing for a while, and if you have a box cutter and an old CD case lying around, you already have everything you need to make this fun DIY star filter to spice up your Holiday shots.

This fun little tutorial was put together by the creative Eva Landry, who’s in the middle of a “12 Trickz of XMas” series over on her YouTube channel. Trick #6 is a two-fer. (1): Did you know you can use a Starbucks sleeve as a cheap backup lens hood? And (2): How to make a DIY star filter from an old CD case.

The process is really simple, just grab one half of the case and use a box cutter (be careful!) to cut lines into the plastic. First diagonally, then perpendicular to that, then again through the X and so on. The final product will look like this:


Once you’ve got your “filter,” just hold it in front of your lens or, better yet, glue it to a Starbucks sleeve and attach it that way. Shooting through the plastic will immediately give you photos a soft focus dreamier look, and all of the lights will starburst thanks to the cuts. Perfect for photographing Christmas lights!

For even more Holiday flare, you can use colorful permanent markers to color in the lines and get really psychedelic. Enjoy!

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