Google Chrome Keeps Crashing – How to Fix It

There are many reasons for Google Chrome crashing. One of the reasons could be an old version of Internet Download Manager. To resolve the crash due to this reason, update to IDM v6.03 beta, or disable the ‘Advanced browser integration’ option within IDM by going to go to Options and then General.

If your Google Chrome is crashing when trying to print on an Asus EeePC with an out-dated version of Asus WebStorage, you can solve this by downloading the latest version of ebStorage.

Another common cause for the crash is the incompatibility of Google Chrome with much software, to solve this, current approach is to try and disable the software or try getting an updated and latest version of it to see if this resolves the issue. Different software which have been identified so far being incompatible to Google Chrome are out-dated versions of iS3 anti-spyware (STOPzilla), NVIDIA Network Access Manager, NVIDIA nTune,NOD32 version 2.7, Hide My IP, Venturi Firewall, out-dated versions of WinMount and PPLive. There have been incompatibility issues causing crashes reported with NVIDIA Desktop Explorer caused by the nvshell.dll library. You can try to resolve this by removing nvshell.dll.

Another common cause for the crash is the user profile of your browser being corrupted. You can fix this problem by creating a new user profile to replace the corrupt one by following the steps below.

  1. Completely exit from Google Chrome
  2. Go to the Start menu > Run.
  3. Type in either of the following directories in the text field and press OK.
    • Windows XP: %USERPROFILE%Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeUser Data
    • Windows 7 or Windows Vista: %USERPROFILE%AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data
  4. Rename the folder called “Default” in the directory window to “Backup default.”

Open the Google Chrome again which will create a new “Default” folder automatically, which should resolve the problem.

Source by Celly Kayser