Freelance Typing Work – Can You Find Real Typing Work From Home?

Are you interested in at home typing work? You may be tempted by compelling ads and wondering which at home typing jobs offer legitimate typing work from home and which are scams. Below is an overview of most of the typing programs available online.

Data Entry Jobs

The so-called data entry jobs and programs are not real typing work. You will be typing ads to promote affiliate products. You have to become an affiliate, pay advertising and you only get paid when you sell products through your affiliate link.

Filling Out Forms

This is a variation of the data entry work. You’ll promote affiliate programs and fill in forms to submit advertising to pay per click search engines. You’ll be charged advertising fees each time someone clicks on your advertising.

Typing at Home Job

Typing jobs from home generally involve placing advertisements online. You get a commission when you make a sale through your advertising or when you recruit others to type from home for a fee. Don’t pay a fee to get a home based typing job.

Posting Ads

Ads looking for workers to post ads on online bulletin boards and forums are a variation of the typing at home scam. You don’t get paid to post ads. Instead, you may get paid when signing up other people who buy the same scam from you.

Email Processing

The training materials you buy will teach you how to sell the same information to others.

Mailing List Compilers / Typists

Mailing list compilers ads promise to pay you for each name and address you compile and enter in a data entry form. After paying the application fee, you will get instructions on how to place ads to promote the same program and you’ll only get paid for names of people who responded to your advertising. Today, mailing lists are compiled through online databases eliminating the need for mailing list compilers.

Envelope Stuffing

Companies won’t pay you for envelope stuffing because they can automate envelope stuffing with inexpensive envelope stuffing machines. You will only make money if you place your own envelope stuffing ads and people pay you the same fee that you did.

Internet Businesses

Some Internet marketing books are worthless while others are very good. You can find some very good information online for free about Internet marketing.

Online Surveys

You can make some extra money from home with surveys but don’t expect a full-time income. Plus you can find online survey work free.

Medical Billing / Processing Medical Claims

Medical billing work from home is competitive and not easy to get. To get claim processing work you’ll need to pay for software and training. Most medical billing ads are selling expensive medical billing software.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is one of the few legitimate typing jobs from home. You can do medical transcription work from home but it will take time to learn medical transcription terminology. Also, it’s not easy to get your first clients as many require that you have worked in a hospital or other medical facility for a couple of years.

Secretarial Services and Virtual Assistance

The good news is that many companies are looking for freelance secretarial services, word processors, virtual assistants, and typists. The best way to get typing work from home is to start a secretarial business or VA business and get your own clients.

Most people are looking for easy typing work in the wrong places. Real work takes work and effort. You can work at home by starting your own business and providing freelance secretarial services. Like any business, you have to market yourself and get your own customers.

Source by Leva Duell

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