Advanced Virtual Reality Technologies Challenge Cultural Norms

Anybody who follows the technology in video games, or the world of virtual reality technologies, well, it should be self-evident that there is no stopping the advances of these innovations, and one day they will be as real, as real life. Meaning that in your own living room, you may have holographic technologies, 3-D projection, augmented reality attachments, and surround-a-sound and you won’t be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is not.

When futurists talk about these things, that is to say advanced virtual reality technologies, they realize that they have the potential to change the cultural norms of our society, and impact the real world in both a positive and negative way. The first thing that many futurists believe is that if you can be anything you want, and achieve anything you’d like in a virtual reality setting of your own living room, then most likely that experience would be far better than any kind of experience you could have in the real world.

Such VR technology would indeed replace drugs and alcohol, it would cure depression, and there would be no need for any mood altering behavioral drugs such as Ridlin or Prozac. In fact, there would be no problem with behavior in school, because your child would be sitting in your living room learning everything he or she would ever need to know.

Indeed, with such advanced VR innovations, you would never need to go anywhere because you could be they are without leaving. Are you beginning to see how the future might unfold, and why futurists are talking about this now? I hope you will please consider it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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