Adobe Working on Letting You Rotate Faces in Static Portraits

In addition to working on a voice assistance for photo editing, Adobe Research has a number of other image editing projects brewing that it’s showing off demos for. The 30-second video shows one technology that allows you to rotate faces in static photo portraits.

“Within this application, you can easily rotate the faces in the image to paint on non-frontal parts while the real-time paint simulation engine ensures the paint to naturally blends with the image in accordance with the input illumination,” Adobe says in the video’s description.

Although the demo app in the video is purely for “face painting” with paints, it’d be interesting to see how this technology could be applied to things like beauty retouching and other genres of photography — imagine being able to turn the subject in a photo the same way a makeup artist can turn a model sitting in a chair.

Aside from this short 30-second video, Adobe is staying quiet about its plans for this tech, apart from saying that it’s “aiming to bring this technology to Creative Cloud and mobile apps families as soon as possible.”

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