Here’s a short and sweet 1-minute video by photographer Serge Ramelli containing some great tips for photographing fireworks.

Useful for the upcoming July 4th celebrations, Ramelli’s tips will help to take your firework photos from amateur snaps to professional prowess.

First off, make sure to set an aperture of about f/7.1. This gives enough sharpness across the scene, as well as allowing you to slow down your shutter. Couple this with an ISO of 100, and then you’re able to hit the 4 second shutter speed which is perfect for fireworks.

Make sure to turn off any vibration reduction, or your cameras ‘long exposure noise reduction’ setting inside the menu. This is an important step, as it can soften your images in such situations.

Tight, up-close crops of the scene look really effective. Rather than capturing the entire spectacle from far away, zoom in and focus on the details. This way you can capture more isolated dramatic shapes and colors.

(via Serge Ramelli via ISO 2000)

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