60 Second Time Out – Top 10 Errors Made by Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing Teams

Hiring virtual assistants or outsourcing help makes good business sense. However, there are certain errors that are frequently made across the board. Being aware of these errors can help you avoid them within your own business operations, and thus improve your own working relationships and outcome.

1. Some virtual assistants or outsourcing teams rely on training that was taken several years ago. This may be outdated and just not make sense for today’s tasks and content needs. Workers who do not keep their skills updated may not be good investments for some projects.

2. Some helpers tend to be perfectionists, which may not be helpful as far as the project is concerned. This tendency stalls work and can prevent the assistant or entire team from continuing the business relationship and project work.

3. Some virtual assistants do not realize the importance of developing online skills, which can be vital today, as a lot of skills needed in the real world do not apply to the online world. Online skills are a different set of skills, which an assistant or team needs to work on, like using short, targeted communications with keywords.

4. Some assistants / teams spend time, money and effort on software that is not updated.

5. Marketing skills are often missing among many assistants / teams. These need to be developed to ensure good business interactions, networking and focus for future funding of their own companies as well as for their buyers, so that the consumers’ interests are always kept in mind and as priority with project work.

6. A lack of clearly defined policies and rules can lead to assistants / teams making mistakes, sometimes without even realizing it.

7. Not being sufficiently qualified for a particular type of job can be a mistake with major consequences.

8. Due to language or cultural barriers, miscommunication occurs. This can result in assistants / teams not fully understanding what is required of them.

9. Taking up deadlines that are too ambitious is also a common mistake.

10. Many assistants/teams fail to promote themselves. This can result in slow business growth.

Source by Diana Barnum