YouVisit Launches Virtual Reality Camera System

    YouVisit the virtual touring website that allows users to view college and university campuses, hotels, restaurants, businesses, venues and travel destinations has now announced its latest development. YouVisit will be launching a 360 degree camera system to produce professional, high quality virtual reality (VR) videos for its clients which will allow them to publish the videos quicker.

    The system is made up of 4,7 or 14 cameras with features that include, full 360-degree video capture with no missing image information, support for 3D capture, a unified shutter trigger that fires all cameras in the array simultaneously for automatic syncing, an integrated circuit board that links all cameras and settings universally and 5k video support.

    “It’s no longer acceptable for people to watch virtual reality experiences that contain obvious technical imperfections,” said Abi Mandelbaum, CEO of YouVisit in a statement. “With brands across a range of industries now seeking to capture their audience’s attention with immersive VR experiences, it’s important for them to have a professional looking product that enhances what they have to offer, not detracts because of poor capturing and editing tools. We believe our camera system provides the highest quality experience on the market, creating videos that will truly help companies market their offerings to their target audiences.”

    The company has yet to announce a price for the camera system or when it’ll be publicly available, but VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest details from YouVisit as they’re announced.


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