Shuhei Yoshida: ‘I feel like I’m younger again’ Working PlayStation VR

    Shuhei Yoshida is clearly very passionate about virtual reality (VR) technology. The President of Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE’s) Worldwide Studios had the honour of announcing the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) for PlayStation 4 all the way back at the 2014 Game Developers Conference, when it was known as Project Morpheus. Since then Yoshida has appeared at numerous events and panels to talk up VR, including SCE’s Paris Games Week (PGW) press conference last night. One reason the SCE figurehead loves the tech so much is that it simply makes him feel younger.

    Yoshida said as much on a VR-dedicated panel hosted by SCE that followed the PGW press conference last night, as reported by IGN. Yoshida began by talking about the God of War VR demo that he first mentioned alongside the reveal of PlayStation VR itself. “It was actually on PS3 at Santa Monica Studios,” he said of what sold him on VR. “A developer who’d been working on God of War got me to try a handmade headset and when I put it on he used a God of War game. I was Kratos in first person view. When I looked down, I saw a strong man’s body and I thought: I’m sold.

    “Working on PlayStation VR, I feel like I’m back 20 years ago. I feel like I’m younger again,” he added.

    Of course, it was a little over 20 years ago now that the original PlayStation arrived, bringing with it the advent of 3D videogames. Yoshida has spoken before about how these early days of VR remind him of those times, in which developers were very much still trying to figure out was 3D meant for videogames. 20 years on, and SCE’s PlayStation 4 is running high-powered experiences that dwarf those that were seen on the original console; can we expect a similar evolution of VR technology in 2 decades’ time?

    VRFocus will continue to follow PlayStation VR and Shuhei Yoshida’s work on the device closely, reporting back with any further updates.


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