Pollen: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

    First-person adventure videogame Pollen launched a few weeks ago on Steam for the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). Created by Mindfield Games Pollen takes place on Titan a moon orbiting Saturn, where a research team has disappeared from a scientific base. The title features 26 unlockable Steam Achievements which VRFocus has listed below.

    Pollen has been inspired by movies such as Solaris and 2001: A Space Odyssey. It can be downloaded from Steam for £18.99 GBP.

    Full Achievement List:

    Break on Through

    To the other side.


    Ready or Not

    Here I come.


    The Cable Guy

    Re-wire the door.


    The Librarian

    Books are gateways to other realms.


    Vacuum Sucks

    Dry the wet floor.


    Data Driven Death

    Free the peg leg.


    Brown Collar Worker

    Look what the cat dragged in.


    This one goes to 11

    Fix the generator issue


    Cargo Cultists

    Enter the cargo area.


    The Greatest Fan

    Unconventional use of unconventional tools.


    One way trip

    Watch the whole end scene and credits.


    The Wild Bunch

    Collect all ID cards.


    The Paperboy

    Answer male in the interview and find all 6 magazines.


    The Other Cable Guy

    Re-wire the door to perform self testing.


    Dear Doc

    Find all medical records.


    The Marathon Man

    Run 420 meters on a treadmill.


    Key Account Manager

    Find 3 keys.


    A Basket Case

    Make 12 points in Basketball.


    Taping Killed Music Industry

    Listen through all audio tapes in the light world.


    The Papergirl

    Answer female in the interview and find all 6 magazines.


    Making impact

    Force yourself into the vents.


    Floor is lava

    Get into the lab when the floor is still wet.


    The Gamer

    Get 300 points in RIESA.


    Re-recording Killed Tape Industry

    Listen through all audio tapes in the dark world.


    Das Model

    Find all Bertil figures.


    I’m Afraid, Dave

    Destroy the memory book.