HoloGrid: Monster Battle Dev Releases New Gameplay Footage

    Card-based augmented reality (AR) title HoloGrid: Monster Battle launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign in March seeking $100,000 USD. The campaign is currently at $36,697 at time of writing, and has revealed a new gameplay video showing how the basic mechanics of the project work.

    Using a tablet and a set of cards players can face off against one another using different monsters. While this would normally be done with two tablets, for the purposes of the video developer Tippett Studio has just used one.

    To begin with players scan in four cards, one champion and three minions. Once this is done you then select a couple of spells from a selection of five. Then comes the fight, a further card is then placed in front of the tablets camera producing a game board, on which all the monsters appear.

    As in a game of chess your monsters can only move a certain distance across the board. Each has their own special abilities, with some serving better upfront absorbing damage, while others can heal or unleash deadly attacks.

    If this looks similar to the famous Star Wars ‘Holo Chess’ scene then you’d be right. Tippett Studio is helmed by 2-time Academy Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Director Phil Tippett who originally the scene.

    VRFocus will continue its coverage of HoloGrid: Monster Battle, reporting on any further updates to the campaign.