Oculus Titles Can Now Be Browsed Through and Bought Online

    Previously before today’s reveal the only way to look through or buy titles from Oculus VR would be through the Oculus Home application, but it has now been announced by the CEO of Oculus that the new feature of looking at and purchasing Oculus content is now available on its website.

    Gone are the days of trying to fumble across the internet to find out the prices and titles for the Oculus Rift and Gear VR now that Oculus has opened up its platform further than its own app. Palmer Luckey took to Twitter to inform followers that the very much desired feature had been added to the Oculus website, saying: “You can now browse and buy games on our website, a popular feature request! Perfect timing with Oculus Summer Sale.” As is pictured below, the titles are all clearly set out in a grid, but there is actually no sign of a search bar, meaning that there is a bit of digging to do for those looking for a particular experience.

    Yesterday, as Luckey also mentioned in his tweet, Oculus entered a new era of holding sales with its current summer sale now underway, listing up to 39 titles with Chronos being the most expensive at £29.99 GBP (previously £39.99), and The Grand Canyon VR Experience at the bottom end of the scale at £1.99 (previously £3.99). One more feature that was mentioned a few times in response to Luckey’s tweet was the addition of Pay Pal services, but with this current addition it may be a bit of time until we see more practical widespread support for Oculus content.

    To look through the Oculus titles, there is a Rift and Gear section both on its website. Make sure to check back with VRFocus for the latest developments from Oculus VR and its store layout, as well as all news and updates in the world of VR.