OZWE Brings Gear VR Title Anshar Wars 2 to Oculus Rift

    Today Oculus VR has launched its Summer Sale on Oculus Home, discounting over 30 videogames for owners of its head-mounted display (HMD). While there are lots of titles to choose from, some with significant discounts, there’s also a bunch of new titles that have been released today as well. One of which is OSWE’s Anshar Wars 2.

    Anshar Wars 2 originally launched for Samsung’s Gear VR HMD last year, receiving a glowing review from VRFocus as a title that showcased the potential of the platform. Now arriving for Oculus Rift the title is going to face much stiffer competition, especially as its been launched this week.

    In it players take the reins of a pilot in the Ansharian empire, flying fighters, bombers and EMP ships across 13 missions as they battle an enemy known as the Nergal. Anshar Wars 2 features a variety of gameplay modes, so whether you prefer to fly solo, co-op or in multiplayer there’s something to suit everyone.

    The price is the same on both Oculus Rift and Gear VR platforms, and as an added extra bonus if you purchase the videogame on one with it’ll be automatically unlocked on the other for free.

    VRFocus will continue it Oculus Rift coverage, reporting back with the latest releases.