MushroomBallVR Launching Kickstarter in November

    Developer VitruviusVR has announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign for its virtual reality (VR) title MushroomBallVR. The Kickstarter will begin on 4th November 2015, and the videogame has been designed to support the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) and the Virtuix Omni, an omni-directional treadmill.

    MushroomBallVR is a first and third-person VR platformer, where players control a ball, collecting mushrooms and coins as they go. The task is to finish each level as quickly as possible, but care must be taken when collecting mushrooms as some have unexpected effects. Some mushrooms will allowing the character to move faster, slower, grow bigger, smaller and even fly you up into the air.

    The videogame has single player mode that includes 5 worlds and a multiplayer aspect with racing and battle mode mini games. Within the store collected coins can be used to buy potions that will grant extra abilities. These will include allowing players to fly into the air, invincibility, freeze time, and even place mark a spot in the game if you fall, all helping to achieve a leaderboard score.

    In first-person the Virtuix Omni can be utilised to give a greater immersive experience as players control the ball with their feet rather than a controller.

    The first 5 levels can currently be demoed on Oculus Share or WEARVR, and additionally VitruviusVR will even be launching a 1-hour long gaming event within the multiplayer mode of MushroomBallVR within the month long Kickstarter campaign.

    VRFocus will be following the progress of MushroomBallVR through its Kickstarter campaign next month.


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