In this post, I will share my first experience with image upscale using Magnific. I’ll take an Equirectangular image I created in Midjourney and scale it up 2X.

What is Magnific?

Magnific transforms any image of your choice into a higher-resolution version, adding as much detail as you wish. You can direct the upscaling process with a description and various controls such as ‘Creativity’, allowing you to control the level of “hallucinations” (and therefore the new details) you want the AI to generate.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an example of generative AI that can convert natural language prompts into images. With Midjourney, you can create high-quality images from simple text-based prompts.

Side by Side Comparison
In the side by side comparison you can see the additional detail added by Magnific. If you zoom in you can see the detail in the water, waves and surf as well as the rock detail. Check out the detail in the shoes!

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