Waves Nx Backers to Receive 3D Audio Headphones Next Week

    Last month saw the gradual success of Waves Audio’s Wave Nx Kickstarter campaign, and now backers and those who have purchased te 3D audio headphones and its software and accesssories can see them by the middle of next week.

    The total goal that was needed for the Waves Nx to materialise was $200,000 (USD), but not only did the campaign see that amount of backing flood it, but also an additional $61,424. The next stage that backers have been waiting out on is the shipping of the head tracked headphones, and after being told it would generally be September, consumers let out a sigh of relief knowing it would be the front end of September, rather than the later days of the month.

    Waves Nx is a pair of headphones that can replicate spatial acoustics, and it is mainly aimed at those in the music industry. However, it is clear that there is a big market for audio-led virtual reality (VR) experiences, which of course immerses the user like no other headphones could before.

    On the Waves Audio website there is a pre-order special where before the 31st August you are able to get both the Waves Nx Head Tracker headphones and the Nx Virtual Mix Room for $99, $79 less that buying the two individually. For those who have backed this campaign, it is advised that you keep your eye on your emails.

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