Ward-Henry Design Creating AR School Prospectuses

    The ability of augmented reality (AR) technology to offer eye-popping alternatives to standard promotional material is being explored by a number of companies across the globe. One business promoting AR technology to its clients is Ward-Hendry Design, a UK based school photography, design and marketing company. By use of AR Smart Stamps, Ward-Hendry Design is able to create an interactive school prospectus.

    As Ward-Hendry Design specialise in providing design services for schools, the company has taken the latest advances in AR technology, and combined it with traditional printed prospectuses to modernise school marketing. With the Smart Stamps imprinted into the designs, features like video, image galleries, contact information and web links can be added.

    Giving parents the added ability to quickly view extra information via a smartphone or tablet, the videos could feature interviews with staff, students or parents, giving first hand accounts of day to day life. With a easily updateable digital image gallery, new photos can be added quickly, without the extra costs and time involved in reprinting. While extra online information like contact details and web links for social media or website links can be added and updated.

    VRFocus will continue to follow the latest news regarding AR use by companies  across the world as details emerge.


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