War Thunder Adds Guided Missiles to Oculus Rift in Latest Update

    The last update by Gaijun Entertainment concerning War Thunder launched the free-to-play title war tanker into the virtual reality (VR) scene as it announced its added support for the Oculus Rift CV1 head-mounted display (HMD). It has now emerged today that there is yet another update to come to those who have the videogame which expands the variety of tanks that can be played by adding guided missiles.

    The new guided missiles that will come with new tanks will change the strategy of which the players go by as well as the tactics they use now that the more intricate weaponry has been added, allowing players to guide the missiles the entire way until it meets with its target on impact. The first tanks which will feature the new ammunition will be the Soviet IT-1, based on the hull of the T-62, the first and last Soviet tank that had no guns but only missiles ready to destroy enemies from afar.

    War Thunder is a massively multiplayer military title with more than 10 mil players worldwide where historically accurate planes and armored vehicles from WWII and the Korean War are playable in fights. With War Thunder‘s new support of the Oculus Rift CV1 provides players with a new level of immersion, with the studio explaining that VR “provides pilots and tankers with as much immersion as possible so that a player flying an aircraft in the game can experience similar feelings to what a real WW2 pilot would have experienced”. In VR there are detailed cockpits, and the 2K resolution is said to let players see “enormous landscapes from the cockpit of their aircraft, leaving the enemy no place to hide”.

    The latest update it has not been given a specified date, and other nations will eventually get their own guided missiles in the next update. For the latest news and updates in VR stay with VRFocus.