Face a Wild West Duel in VRstudios’ Barking Irons this Weekend

    VRstudios has today announced that the company will showcase its new western shoot-out videogame, Barking Irons, at the International Consumer VR Exhibition and Conference. Taking place on 14th May 2016, in the Vancouver Convention Centre, the International Consumer VR Exhibition and Conference will be the first place gamers and virtual reality enthusiasts will be able to experience Barking Irons.

    An installation based technology, VRstudios’ VR experience has proved extremely popular at industry shows and in consumer installations. Barking Irons features multiplayer gameplay while operating on wireless head-mounted displays (HMDs) running on a high-powered gaming computer without the need for any wires, mobile phones or backpacks.

    “This is a revolutionary development for full-motion VR gameplay,” said Jamie Kelly of VRcade, which is VRstudios’ gaming and entertainment division. “Barking Irons is the first multiplayer game that our studio has developed, and it really highlights the benefits of a full-motion, untethered VR platform. The ability to physically move around a space with another player makes the experience feel much more natural and keeps you immersed in the game.”

    “Our games definitely draw crowds. Now with Barking Irons, your physical actions are matched perfectly by the game and your athleticism is a core element to your level of success in the game,” said Ivan Blaustein, director, product integration at VRstudios. “This also makes spectating a game much more like a sporting event than a videogame. We are seeing a glimpse of the next wave of eSports.”

    Face a Wild West Duel in VRstudios’ Barking Irons this Weekend

    Last month VRstudios announced worldwide agreements with prominent amusement theme park and arcade companies Meraas’ Hub Zero in Dubai, Simuline of Korea and Denmark’s Smartlaunch, which operate globally. Prior installations have included Dave & Busters venues across the US. VRFocus will keep you updated with all the latest details on both VRstudios’ technology and VRcade’s videogame titles.