Vuzix Releases Video of its Tech Showing off Pokémon GO in AR

    Pokémon GO is, of course, classed as an augmented reality (AR) videogame, but Vuzix gives us reason to believe that it could evolve into something way more interactive and real. The company has now gotten on board with the absolute success of the videogame and has used its own technology to enhance it and add its own twist to AR gaming, but this is nothing official for the Pokémon GO.

    Other than smiling and waving, as the video below demonstrates both Pikachu and the Vuzix representative doing, the implications of this technology are far more exciting. In a New York Times article Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix, commented that “the success of Pokémon GO represents one of the first use cases to bring AR into the consumer world and shows just how huge this can be.  We believe that Vuzix new waveguide technology is key in the evident progression that takes AR to the next level.”

    With Vuzix’s M3000 and AR3000 AR glasses, users are able to reach out and interact with 3D objects overlaid in the real world, and this in itself would do incredible things when paired up with videogames such as Pokémon GO.

    “At Vuzix, we have long anticipated that the adoption curve for AR would eventually be rapid and steep, as Enterprise, gamers and consumers generally recognize that the experience is unparalleled. We are hoping to lead the way in bringing increased functionality to our industrial customers and enhanced entertainment for general consumer users and gamers with our AR technology on Vuzix products,” said Paul Travers in a press release.

    For more on Vuzix’s developments in the AR landscape, including its potential developments for Pokémon GO, as well as all the news and updates in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.