VR Poltergeist Manor Cardboard


    – Great for first time Virtual Reality users
    – Kid-friendly: no advertising or in-app purchases
    – Easy to use: no buttons or controller required
    – Works on Google Cardboard devices, including Mattel View-Master
    – Amazing 360-degree visuals
    – Stereo Sound
    – 3D Images

    The haunted house, Poltergeist Manor, has stood alone on the hill for decades – the locals know better than to knock. But on a dark and stormy night, you are forced to find shelter. As the front door shuts behind you and… disappears, you find more than a roof over your head. Search the building for an exit… What could possibly go wrong?

    On the night known to many as Halloween, Samhaine, Hallowmass, or all Hallows eve, you enter a virtual reality house haunted by a dangerous ghost. Let your fear flow as you venture through the scary manor. See the ghost manipulate the mansion to scare you on this rollercoaster of fright. View the horror on Mattel View-Master, Google Cardboard, and Merge VR. Haunt your Halloween!

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