Hideo Kojima Teases PlayStation VR Project [UPDATED]

    Metal Gear Solid creator and widely recognised videogame auteur Hideo Kojima has this morning teased what could potentially be his first virtual reality (VR) project. Kojima has regularly stated his interest in VR, but has not yet revealed any plans to work in the new medium.

    This changed today, with the reveal of the above image and the statement that, “It’ll be a little announcement at opening.”

    This information was revealed in a tweet from Kojima’s own Twitter account, in which he was referring to his own content channel and the show ‘Game On’. The latest episode is set to be published today, recorded from the  Game On event, 28th April 2016.

    No further details are available at present, but of course VRFocus will keep you updated as this story progresses.

    UPDATE: The announcement featured in Kojima’s YouTube video was that former co-worker on the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Kenji Yano, has joined Kojima Productions. The pair played PlayStation VR experience Playroom VR during the show, but still did not confirm any forthcoming projects from Kojima Productions.