VR Disc Golf Swings its way onto HTC Vive

    Hitting the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) today is a futuristic sports title called VR Disc Golf.

    Created by developer FRS Game Studio and published by Front Range Software, LLC, VR Disc Golf the studio claims, has real disc physics allowing players to throw backhand, forehand, overhand and just about everything else.

    The videogame currently has a single-player mode and a local multiplayer option. For the multiplayer, its a party mode where friends or family take it in turn to play a round of golf and sees who does the best. Up to four players can be accommodated with the VR Disc Golf keeping track of who’s turn it is and their score.

    For the single-player side there’s an 18-hole course to contend with, as player avoid lakes of lava, black holes and a myriad of other objects to get in the way. And to help get right into the action VR Disc Golf features a sports camera to track and watch the disc fly through a course, ricocheting off any obstacles.

    FRS Game Studio  has also listed a couple of future update plans on the Steam listing. Online four person multiplayer will be added as a free update sometime after the launch, and League Play, local and global leaderboards will also be added, presumably both at the same time.

    Currently VR Disc Golf is being offered at a discount for a limited time. Until 25th July 2016, Steam users can get 10 percent off the regular price. This drops the price from £6.99 GBP down to £6.29.

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