Play Air Hockey in Pool Nation VR With Free Official Update

    Pool Nation VR has proven to be a pretty successful title since its release at the start of June, and VRFocus gave it a 5 star rating for its freedom, activities, and overall enjoyment factor – and it is essentially only a pool table simulator. Now, Cherry Pop Games has put out a new update with the official addition of an air hockey table, new customisation options, and it is all free for current players to download.

    Along with its selection of pub games, as well as overall interactivity that adds to the enjoyment of the videogame, Pool Nation VR now has the addition of an air hockey table. This means that players can interact and bond over a new activity, and it pretty much is self explanatory if you have already played air hockey in an arcade.

    Previously, the studio had released a beta update for the addition of air hockey, and as a result of this official update it can be assumed that it proved popular and doable.

    As well as the addition of Air Hockey, in the update on Steam Cherry Pop Games has also shared details of other features that come with the update. Players will be able to enjoy additional darts game types, including 101, 301, 501, and cricket; there are more hats and table art to unlock; there is the addition of ambient chatter and sound effects, so you can feel like you’re surrounded by the right atmosphere; floor height settings; sharper graphics, which means better immersion; “and more!”.

    Pool Nation VR is currently at full price on Steam for £14.99 (GBP), or $19.99 (USD), and is only available for the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD).

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