VR Boxing Workout Hits the HTC Vive

    While the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) can offer seated experiences the main draw of the device is its Room Scale tracking feature, allowing users to move around and interact with virtual worlds. Developers have already used the system to allow gamers to build and paint, get stuck into fire fights or play sports. Its the latter that can really work up a sweat, helping to provide some exercise whilst playing videogames. The latest release to provide a virtual reality (VR) exercise session is VR Boxing Workout, which like the title implies, is all about punching stuff.

    Created by Wenkly Studio VR Boxing Workout straps a pair of boxing gloves to your hands and serves up several challenges to get that heart rate pumping. There are to modes available Training and Challenge. Training mode is exactly that, the vidoegame will show you how to hit punching bags, jabbing at targets or hitting the side with a hook. This is where you’ll burn off those calories and maybe even build up some stamina.

    The challenge mode on the other hand is split into Speed and Strength categories. To improve players speed VR Boxing Workout sets the challenge of striking certain points on a punch bag in an allotted amount of time. Hitting the targets will score points, the closer to the centre each punch is the higher the points awarded are. While the strength mode requires just one solid punch to a dummies head. The better the swing and power put into it the higher the score will be.

    There’s no multiplayer options to compete against anyone online, but friends could be put to the test locally.

    VR Boxing Workout is available on Steam now for £4.75 GBP. That price is a current special promotion until 17th July, knocking 15 percent off the regular price of £5.59.

    VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest VR releases on Steam as new content launches.

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