VorpX v0.9 has loads of new features

    VorpX announced his latest release with a ton of new features. VorpX is a driver for games that is specifically geared towards VR-devices like the Oculus Rift. The latest version of the driver is almost done and the official release date is set to October, 23.

    VorpX 0.9 had a lot of changes under the hood to support the direct driver mode in the Oculus runtime 0.7. That resulted in one of the most featured update for VorpX so far. The update will be mostly a tech update because of the necessary. But a few games has been added as well. Some new features are: Asynchronous Timewarp, Crystal Image, Windows 8/10 vorpX Desktop App, Dedicated Video Player Mode, Basic OpenGL support and Full Mirror Window support. You can read the full announcement on the VorpX website.

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