Video Released Showcasing The Soulkeeper Demo on HTC Vive

    In December indie developer HELM Systems started to release teasing details for its forthcoming virtual reality (VR) experience The Soulkeeper, which would support the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD). The team then attended the PAX South event in San Antonio last month with a new tech demo, but this wasn’t being shown on the Oculus Rift, instead the demo used the HTC Vive HMD instead. Now a video of that tech demonstration has been released for the public to see.

    The Soulkeeper demo is only very basic in terms of its interactivity. The user holds a flaming torch in one hand, and a sword in the other. These can then be swapped into whichever hand is preferred. Using the sword there are several destructible objects around the player, statues, vases, a helmet and a couple of static enemies.

    The most notable aspects of the video though come from the lighting and the level of detail in the environments. Moving the torch in and around the statues and pillars, the real-time lighting is shown off to great effect, whilst highlighting the detail that’s gone into the models. The Soulkeeper does led itself to being one of the best looking VR videogames currently in development.

    Uploaded by Gaspar Ferreiro, he states in the description: “After the planning phase, we only had a couple of days to make the Demo.” Adding: “Also, keep in mind that Helm Studio is still waiting to receive a Vive Unit, which made developing even more of a challenge.”

    So its impressive to think that even without a HTC Vive and in such a short amount of time this is what they were able to achieve. VRFocus will continue to cover The Soulkeeper, reporting back any further announcements from the developer.


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