Tiny Eye Spies A Release For Mobile VR

    San-Francisco studio Yeti have announced a new 360 degree, virtual reality (VR) supporting experience for both iOS and Android. The game, Tiny Eye, is based on classic children’s time filler I-Spy.

    Supporting both smartphone-based VR head-mounted displays (HMDs), much as with the original players go on a visual scavenger hunt for a list of objects and must look around with their phone in order to discover them. Yeti hope that this update to the classic will ring in a new style of play as well as remaining something people of all ages can enjoy.

    “We built Tiny Eye as a throwback to one of our favorite games as a kid, and we hope it’ll be something that introduces more people to the magic of virtual reality.” Said Yeti President Tony Scherba. “Our goal was to create something that was casual and accessible yet fun and engaging,” “Virtual reality is usually about intense immersive experiences, so we built Tiny Eye to be a bite-sized and enjoyable game that anyone can pick up, play and come back to again and again. We want it to be what Angry Birds was for mobile or Farmville was for Facebook games.”


    You can download Tiny Eye for iOS here and for Android here.  For more mobile news from VRFocus click the HMD name of your choice in the menu bar at the top of the website.