The VR Job Hub: Triangular Pixels, Escapist Games & Immersiv

    Whether you’re an experienced designer, programmer, engineer, or maybe you’ve just been inspired after reading VRFocus articles – either way, you have stumbled across VRFocus’ VR Job Hub. The jobs listed here are located worldwide, from major game players to humble indie developers – the one thing they all have in common is that they are all jobs in VR.

    View the new listings below for more information: Lionbridge, a marketing company, is looking for someone who loves VR and social media all the same; Immersiv, a 360 video content producer, is looking for a Software Engineer and System Engineer; if you’re a programmer with 4-6 months to work then Triangular Pixels is looking for you; Immersive VR Education is looking for a few team members to join their team in Ireland; and Escapist Games, who work on Star Chart, are looking for team members also.

    Work From Home, UK Lionbridge Community Manager Click here to apply
    California, US Immersiv Software Engineer Click here to apply
    California, US Immersiv System Engineer Click here to apply
    Cornwall, UK Triangular Pixels Short Term Programmer Click here to apply
    Waterford, Ireland Immersive VR Education Sr Technical Animator, Lead Game Developer, Sr Web Developer Click here to apply
    Guildford Escapist Games Programmers, Tech Artists, 3D Artists Click here to apply

    Look back at last week’s post for ongoing listings.

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