The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Gets First Trailer

    Earlier today it was revealed that indie developer Vitei Backroom had teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE’s) Santa Monica Studio to bring a brand new virtual reality (VR) title, The Modern Zombie Taxi Co., to the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) on PlayStation 4. The videogame appears to be the new version of Modern Zombie Taxi Driver, Vitei Backroom’s Oculus Rift project that was revealed last year. Now the first trailer for the experience has arrived, and can be seen below.

    The description for The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. reveals just a few details about the title, noting: “The Zombie Apocalypse is over. The zombies won. Now they want to go about their deaths like normal people. They are the Modern Zombies, and you are their taxi driver.” The trailer itself showcases frantic first-person gameplay in which players pick up zombies and transport them across town as quickly as possible. As they drive the undead will be thrown about the vehicle.

    It’s not yet clear when The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. will release. VRFocus will continue to follow the title, reporting back with the latest updates on it.


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