The Library at Night VR Exhibition in Quebec Has Two Weeks Left

    For the past year, the Library at Night exhibition has taken place at the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ), and now there are just two weeks left to see some of the best libraries in virtual reality (VR).

    This isn’t just an experience where you have a look at some nice libraries – although that is lovely – but this exhibition boasts to explore the philosophicall, architectural, and social foundations on which libraries rest, all while wearing a Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD).

    What visitors will be able to see exactly is first a recreation of Alberto Manguel’s own library – that being the author of the essay which inspired this exhibition (as well as the co-creator), followed by an immersive forest landscape “that provides a sharp contract to the rigorous order usually associated with temples of knowledge.

    There is a part of Manguel’s essay that defines the whole concept of visiting a library at night: “the library in the morning suggests an echo of the severe and reasonably wishful order of the world, the library at night seems to rejoice in the world’s essential, joyful muddle.”

    Other than these places, there is a total of 10 famous and historical locations that the viewer will be taken to, including Sarajevo’s National and University Library, Mexico City’s Megabibliotheca, and Biblioteca Vasconcelos.

    This exhibition is put together by Manguel and Robert Lepage, the artist who was inspired by the essay The Library at Night. The last day of the exhibition will be August 28th, and is open for those aged 14 and over.

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