Bethesda Further Develops Doom VR and Talks About What VR Means to the Studio

    During E3 there were plenty of virtual reality (VR) titles to get excited about, and DOOM VR definitely was one of them. Marty Stratton of Bethesda was interviewed during QuakeCon this year, and it seems as though the experience has moved on since then.

    In an interview with Shacknews the Executive Producer and Game Director for DOOM, Marty Stratton, talks about how the videogame has changed since a couple of months ago: “One of the things that we are showing here that is different than what we showed at E3 is a new movement mechanic through the world that people are reacting really well to and it even takes some of the elements like when you shoot the line out to show you were you are going to move it kinda slows down time a bit. So you can actually use that with your guns in combination to have this really cool almost bullet time dynamic that’s happening and it was very similar to the weapon wheel in the full game.”

    “It was actually really interesting to go to E3 this year because we had VR at E3 2012. We were showing DOOM 3 BFG and I think we won several hardware of the show awards because nobody else was doing it. You go to E3 this year, and (VR) is around every corner. I feel like we have been a big part of it for several years, four years at minimum. To have Bethesda and us continue to lead is fantastic.”

    Stratton also spoke about how DOOM VR has been changing along with new hardware, such as VR head-mounted displays (HMD) and upgraded computers: “We made a lot of changes in what we did just between E3 and this. There is, I’m sure, a DOOM product in there and we are kind of molding the clay right now as to what that becomes.”

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