The Gallery Dev ‘confident’ Game Will Be a ‘Great’ On Non-Room Scale Platforms

    Earlier in the year Cloudhead Games revealed that its upcoming virtual reality (VR) episodic videogame series, The Gallery, would be coming first to the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) and taking full advantage of SteamVR’s position-tracked controllers and Room Scale user-tracking. The title even makes use of the studio’s new locomotion system, Blink, which essentially allows players to teleport around environments. Following its release on HTC Vive, the series will also arrive on the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR HMDs, neither of which boast Room Scale tracking to the same degree. Can the experience still measure up on these platforms?

    Cloudhead Games thinks so. Producer and Audio Director Joel Green said as much in an interview with VRFocus that will be published later this week. “Yeah, so we’re planning on porting to those devices for sure,” Green said of PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. “And we’ve made solutions in the past; I’m not sure if you’re familiar with comfort mode where you can kinda turn your body artificially without nausea. So, to be honest, we haven’t gotten back to figuring out how exactly it’s going to work on those systems but we know that we can do it because that’s kind of where we started. So we’ve developed for seated VR and to standing VR and to Room Scale so not only the game but the team has the faculties we need to make sure we can still make it a great experience within that.

    “And currently right now you can still play the game sitting down with the headset on using comfort mode and still Blinking around,” Green continued. “So it’s all totally functional and when we do move onto those systems we’ll try to take advantage of everything that they can provide as well.”

    The developer concluded, noting that he was ‘confident’ the title would still match up on other HMDs. “I’m confident that it will still be a great experience for any system that has motion control because so much of the fun of VR in the game right now is being able to reach out and grab things and actually interact with the world.”

    The Gallery‘s first episode is titled The Gallery: Call of the Starseed and is a first-person adventure. Check back with VRFocus later in the week for the full interview with Green on the upcoming project.


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