The Foundry Releases VR Plug-In For Video Editing Software NUKE Called CARA VR

    The Foundry lately has been pegged to the Nokia OZO, a professional-grade 360 camera which, with the help of the likes of this company, provides a well-rounded service, and the company provides post-production software tools for the camera. It has now been announced that CARA VR for NUKE, The Foundry’s editing toolkit, is now available.

    CARA VR is, believe it or not, a VR plug-in for NUKE’s VR and 360-degree video content workflow by lending specialised GPU-accelerated tools for stitching, review, and working with spherical images. It is specialised for speeding up tedious processes that are involved in stitching and generally editing VR footage, hopefully freeing up time for creating high-quality immersive experiences.

    The complete list of features that CARA VR offers is as follows: seamlessly stitch mono or stereo VR content from commercial or custom multi-camera rigs for uninterrupted environments; correct exposure and white balance automatically; stabilise shots during or after stitching; use NUKE’s suite of compositing tools, including paint, roto, and tracking, directly on 360-degree footage; and finally users can review their work on OCulus Rift and HTC Vive headsets directly from within NUKE.

    Jason Schugardt, Head of 3D at MPC, said: “CARA VR for NUKE is very exciting, because they’ve taken something very complex and reduced it to something very, very simple. Stereoscopic stitching is a very complicated process, however it’s been greatly simplified by the latest tools from CARA.”

    There is a free trial available, but for the full CARA VR plug-in by itself it is going to cost you £3,285 (GBP), available for Apple, Linux, and Windows. There is also a choice to buy both CARA VR and NUKE as a bundle, which would cost anything from £5278.50 to £80055 depending on which version of NUKE you would prefer: NUKE, NukeX, or NUKESTUDIO.

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