Shotgun at the Ready for Duck Hunter VR

    If you’re of a certain age and are asked to name a shooting videogame that features ducks there’s a good chance you’ll think of Duck Hunt, the classic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) title fro the 80’s. Today the two themes of guns and ducks has been reborn for a new generation of virtual reality (VR) gamers with the release of Duck Hunter VR from developer Galaxy Pest Control.  

    Duck Hunter VR puts a shotgun in players hands, sits them next to a lake and challenges them to shoot as many ducks as possible all in the name of building as bigger highscore as possible.

    Just to make things interesting there’s several locations to go hunting, a variety of shotguns to unlock and power ups to play with. As players improve and build that point tally they’ll rank up, giving them access to more guns, each with its own design and attributes. Then there are the power ups which able the ducks to be roasted mid air or frozen solid for some extra point bonuses and fun.

    The controls are fully handled with head movements and the Gear VR’s touchpad, so no Bluetooth controller is required. Duck Hunter VR can be downloaded from the Oculus Store for £2.29 GBP/$2.99 USD.

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