Swim With The Fish You Eat With Open Blue Cardboard App

    It is one thing to be in a luxury restaurant where you can hand-pick which lobster or fish you’re going to eat, but Open Blue is taking a different stance to take you straight to where the largest supplier of Cobia farms its fish using virtual reality (VR), highlighting the natural environments they are taken care of in – not quite the life of the luxurious lobster.

    The VR transportation to the Caribbean will include some of the world’s top chefs moving from their natural habitat to the fish’s, 12 km into deep waters off the shores of Panama, to take a look at and discuss the new approach to sustainable mariculture that’s being promoted. Open Blue has partnered with another company who specialises in VR, Koncept VR, in order to create 360 degree video content to be watched on a Google Cardboard head-mounted display (HMD), or even watched via the app itself.

    “The theme this year for World Oceans Day is directly in line with Open Blue’s philosophy that a healthy and sustainable environment means healthy and sustainable fish,” said Brian O’Hanlon, a third generation fish farmer and Open Blue Founder, said in a press release. He went on to explain what the app is trying to convery through its tactic of taking customers down with chefs to check out the environment: “We are committed to nourishing not just current but future generations in harmony with the ocean. Everything we do is with deep reverence for the intrinsically connected ecosystem of fish, oceans and people.”

    The Open Blue app where customers will be able to swim with thousands of Cobia in the Caribbean waters is available for free on either Google Play or iTunes for Cardboard use.

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