Monstrum: Achievement, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

    Team Junkfish’s procedurally generated horror title Monstrum first arrived for the Oculus Rift DK2 head-mounted display (HMD) towards the end of 2015. Then last month the title arrived on the Steam store with full support for the consumer version of the HMD. Through Steam there are 16 achievements to work towards and VRFocus has the full roundup below.

    Monstrum puts players on a derelict ship that you must escape from, all the while being chased by one of three monsters, each with its own behaviours and tactics. The title can be downloaded through Steam for £11.99 GBP and a bundle is also available including the soundtrack for £14.38.

    Full Achievement List:


    Charlie’s Devils


    Aim Away From Face


    I Love It When A Plan Comes Together


    Bait ‘N’ Switch


    The Most Dangerous Game

    Win the game against the Hunter


    Got To It

    Escape via the helicopter


    Women and Children First

    Escape via the liferaft


    Child Of The 90s


    Well Done

    Win the game against the Brute


    The Hunt for Me is Over

    Escape via the sub



    Win the game against the Fiend


    I Don’t Know What I Expected


    Let There Be Light


    Steam Won’t Connect


    A Sequence Of Unfortunate Events


    Now Think About What You’ve Done