Focal Point Receives Investment Needed to Establish Company Officially

    Focal Point is still a relatively early starting company in the virtual reality (VR) world, and has featured on VRTV explaining the hopes and plans of what the company is to achieve, as well as the projects it has already set out on fulfilling. Despite how young the company is, there has been a great spark of interest as it has now raised the initial funding it needed to start its business officially with help from several investors.

    The live-streaming VR and 360 platformers have received Seed finance, which was needed to establish Focal Point as an official company, from investors who are Simon Muderack from Sigma Systems, John Chasey, the Operations Director of TVR Automotive, Jen San, CEO of, and Chris Wilks, CFO of Signum Technology.


    Jonathan Newth, CEO of Focal Point VR, spoke in a press release of the investments and what it means for the company as a whole: “We’re delighted to have such a knowledgeable and successful group of investors on board. With Seed funding now in place we’ll be ramping up our in-house capacity and demonstrate our live streaming technology at a wide range of events and venues.”

    The company currently has plans to expand its ventures into 360 and VR live streaming in the realms of music performances as well as recording rollercoaster rides. Each of these investors have come from very different backgrounds, from telecoms to car manufacturers, online poker sites to business engineers. With each of these investors there could be a chance that they could influence and build future relationships with Focal Point to bring live VR streaming to one of the sectors.

    There will be further coverage of Focal Point’s various plans and  as they progress as an established VR start up company. Stay tuned with VRFocus for more on that as well as all VR news and updates.