Fight Snow With Snow in Snow Fortress on HTC Vive

    It may be the middle of June, but Mythcal City Games has decided that there shouldn’t be a limit on when and where you can engage in a full on snow fight. Snow Fortress has now come to the HTC Vive virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display as an Early Access title where the player can pelt snowballs to their heart’s content in varying levels.

    Snow Fortress is this studio’s first venture into VR, bringing winter fun to the Vive. Players can build their own snow fort and battle against autonomous snowmen who pose as genuine threats in the quest to conquer all forts in 12 levels. In order to cause damage to the forts, you are able to either throw the snowballs or fling them using a slingshot which will increase both the damage and range of the attack. There are unlockable elements to this title as there are useful tools such as a shield to help you in turn protect your fort from the offending snowmen.

    As this is an Early Access title there are still a few features that are being planned, such as building miniature snow fortresses and lining up your own snowmen to do the dirty work for you, which will be called the Fortress game mode. “We’re hoping to also let you share your fortress with other players and see how it does compared to their fortress. Beyond this new mode, we are also planning to add an extra Snow Fort levels, improve the graphics across the game, add in a nicer ground surface, add more enemy types and more tools/weapons for you to use.”

    These additional features will be added to the current game modes available: Snow Fort and Survival, where there are two types of slingshots, a water bottle to heal your fort, and a shield. The developers assure that this title won’t be a waste of time at this stage as it “offers a few hours of gameplay”.

    This title will remain in Early Access for four months in total, and there could be an increase in price from its current pricetag.

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