Study Suggests PlayStation VR Has ‘Strongest Unaided Awareness’, Vive the Weakest

    With the first generation of consumer virtual reality (VR) technology set to roll out over the coming months, the industry is in debate about just how well these initial head-mounted displays (HMDs) will perform. Oculus VR seems to be setting realistic targets for its Oculus Rift PC based HMD, due in Q1 2016, but neither HTC nor Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) have commented on their expectations for both the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR kits respectively. The latter device has recently received some encouraging statistics, however, with a new study showing it to be the VR HMD with the ‘strongest unaided consumer awareness’.

    That much was discovered by Greenlight VR, which has teamed up with Touchstone Research to collect and analyse data from 2,282 US consumers. Initial results have found that of 5 VR HMDs – including the previously mentioned devices along with Samsung’s Gear VR, Google’s Cardboard and Mattel’s View-Master – 48 percent of those surveyed were aware of PlayStation VR. That total is made up of 14 percent that were aware of the kit without aide while the rest were aided. The study did not specify how it checked for aided and unaided awareness, however.

    Somewhere surprisingly it’s Samsung and Oculus VR’s Gear VR mobile HMD that follows with 44 percent total awareness, 11 percent of which was unaided. The Oculus Rift then followed with 42 percent, 12 percent of which was unaided. Although none surveyed knew about it unaided, Mattel’s View-Master followed at 40 percent, though this could well be to do with the product’s long-running name. Google Cardboard came next with 31 percent, 5 percent of which were aware of it unaided, while the HTC Vive came in last at 29 percent, with only 2 percent knowing of it unaided.

    While this information is certainly surprising, it’s impossible to draw any conclusions about what this means for each HMD right now with pricing and launch information yet to be revealed for the major devices. VRFocus will continue to follow each and every VR HMD, reporting back with the latest updates on them.


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