Epic Games Featuring in Two Sessions at SEA VR

    SEA VR 2015 is only a couple of days away and Epic Games is aiming to have a big presence at the conference this year with both developer sessions and a hands-on with the virtual reality (VR) demo Bullet Train. VRFocus reported on Epic Games’ first announced session ‘Deconstructing “Bullet Train”‘, presented by lead engineer Nick Whiting. But the studio is also holding a second developers session, hosted by its Seattle studio manager Ray Davis.

    Davis will be presenting the session titled, ‘The Unsolved Problems of VR‘. The description for the session reads: “Right now we’ve got better virtual reality than we’ve ever had. It’s capable of tricking our lizard brains into thinking we are standing in front of a large crowd or looking out over a steep ledge. However, our more advanced selves are very aware that we are looking at a crude approximation of reality. How do we improve on that? Moderated by John Root founder of VRLA, this panel will discuss what problems are left to solve in the near, mid and long term future of VR.”

    Alongside Davis will be Oculus VR’s Tom Forsyth, Valve Software’s Aaron Leiby and AMD’s Lead Architecht of VR & Advanced Rendering Layla Mah. The moderator will be VRLA founder John Root.

    Bullet Train is a first-person shooter in which players use the Oculus Touch controllers to realistically wield firearms, and VRFocus got a hands-on with the title prior to its reveal at Oculus Connect 2 last month.

    VRFocus will continue to bring you all the latest VR details from Epic Games as further news is announced.


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