SPACES Brings VR and MR to Millions in Chinese Theme Parks With Songcheng

    There have been a range of different virtual realty (VR) experiences to enhance theme parks around the world, including Canada, USA, and UK. Now it has been announced that there will be a range of VR and mixed reality (MR) experiences to be added in China to one of the world’s biggest theme park operators.

    SPACES Inc., an LA-based company which specialises in VR and MR experiences for the entertainment industry, has teamed up with Songcheng Performance Development Co. in a $30,000 USD deal to bring VR and MR to both rides and performances that take place in Songcheng’s theme parks which currently attract 23 million people a year, according to last year’s figures. There seems to be a deep connection in the partnership as there will also be tech provided by SPACES as well as VR and MR productions to promote these attractions.

    “VR and MxR will be incorporated into existing shows and rides in ways that have never been possible, with thousands of people able to experience VR simultaneously,” said SPACES CEO, Shiraz Akmal. “Showcasing the transformative nature of virtual reality on such a wide scale will also help the entire VR industry grow at an increasingly faster pace.”

    SPACES will create VR experiences to enhance Songcheng’s livestreaming site, 6Rooms, where users can create and watch more than 50,000 live broadcasts a day. Cathy Zhang, CEO of Songcheng, spoke about this additional venture: “Virtual reality and mixed reality can revolutionize almost every interaction our guests have in our theme parks and on 6Rooms. This joint venture opens the door to a new and exciting future that is limited only by the imagination.”

    SPACES will be attending E3 this year which takes place next week. For further news on SPACES, E3, and all updates in the world of VR, make sure to check back with VRFocus.