VR Has Taken Over How Siemens UK Functions Using Virtalis

    For the most part, companies usually report on what they have developed for virtual reality (VR), whether it be hardware or software, but now Siemens has come forward to explain how VR has changed the way the company functions as a whole.

    It has been reported in a blog post by Virtalis that Siemens UK has introduced its VR systems and software into its operations in factories from configuring motors to checking over products for mistakes, and even moving items around the office.


    Adrian Webster, Siemens’ Layout Planning Engineer, spoke in the blog post, saying: “VR removes the big issues early on and lets us concentrate on simple refinements. Typically, we build a mock-up of a new cell on the factory floor. Previously, we would need to leave it there for four weeks to resolve all the issues. Now, we are finding two days’ digital review plus just one week on the factory floor solves all the issues. VR is excellent at fostering multi-disciplinary communication.

    “The people who have input into new designs are diverse: production engineers, test engineers, production operatives and production leadership. Sometimes they obtain extra expertise from R&D or from mechanical and electrical engineers too, or even logistics and facilities people and contractors. All these stakeholders work together in the VR environment to perfect the design and get the requisite buy-in.”

    He also shared how the company uses Virtalis’ Visionary Render for everyday uses: “It is intuitive and anyone can get the hang of it quickly to navigate round the model, so I can help people visualise their new working environments. I am also finding Visionary Render is superb for setting up animation sequences and for demos.”

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