Sony Reveals Resident Evil 7 For PlayStation VR With Gameplay Trailer

    There was much anticipation at the start of Sony’s conference at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) with a grandiose display of AAA-titles and series, and when it came to virtual reality (VR), it certainly didn’t let up. The first title that was announced and previewed was the seventh instalment of the Resident Evil series to come out early next year.

    It was announced that the full version of Capcom’s Resident Evil VII: biohazard will be playable in VR with the PlayStation VR from beginning to end. During the trailer there was at first very little indication of what title it could have been, until the tell-tale design of acquiring objects which was very much similar to the rest of the Resident Evil series. The atmosphere quickly descended with the reveal of a pot full of what looked like rotton flesh, and a wandering, vacant-looking person, which was followed by a full display of what the gameplay has to offer. It seems to still have the same feeling of eerie impending danger and doom, and there was a unanimous cheer when the title made its way to the screen.

    Shawn Layden, Chairman of SIE Worldwide Studios, then took to the stage to disclose that the title will be available for both regular PlayStation 4 and for PlayStation VR.

    The release date for the title will be 24th January 2017, three months after the initial release of the PlayStation VR HMD which was also announced during the conference, and it was also announced that the title would be playable tonight on PlayStation Plus.

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